Gorgeous Subetchya goes blonde for the summer.

Concept/Art direction/Photography: Gail D’Almaine, MUA and Model: Subetchya Gurung, Stylist: Emma Kortas


Lemon Curd Sponge Puddings, 24p.

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Lemon Curd Sponge Puddings, 95p for 4 or 24p each.
Luckily for me, as I shop very carefully, I have most of the ingredients for this in the cupboard at all times. Unluckily for my jeans, that means I’m never more than thirty-two minutes away from a cake…
This is a simple, classic, sticky treat, that Small Boy and myself enjoy every now and again. They also freeze well, so I make four – we have one each, and pop the remaining two in the freezer.
If you don’t have pudding tins, then a deep muffin tray will do the job just as well, but may make six smaller desserts instead.

100g self raising flour, 4p (65p/1.5kg)
70g butter, 34p (£1.20/250g)
2 eggs, 44p (£2.65/12 free range)
50g sugar, 5p (89p/kg)
Splash of lemon juice, 2p (60p/250ml)
8 heaped teaspoons of lemon curd, 6p (22p/411g)
How To:
1. Place…

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